Use These Words To Give Your Resume A Power Boost

Use These Words To Give Your Resume A Power Boost

There are some career paths where it is in your best interest to exude plenty of power. If you are looking for a key position, showing off this trait is the key to getting your foot in the door. Give your basic resume a boost by adding the following keywords.


Even if your official title was not management based, it is always good to know that you can be depended on to hold down the fort if needed. The key is to show off this skill even if you don’t feel you did any of this in an official capacity. For instance, if you helped manage the office while your boss was away for a week, it would be fine to add this tidbit to your resume without revealing it was only on a short-term basis.


Bosses love having employees that know how to take the initiative and perform tasks without being micromanaged. Knowing that they can delegate work and have you complete it without having to hold your hand along the way is enough to have them put your resume on the top of the pile and call you in for an interview.


When a company is in trouble, they look for assistance wherever they can get it. By adding this word to your resume, employers will know that you can be called on when things are not going well. Once you are in the interview phase, you can explain to them how indispensable you are and how you are willing to go the extra mile when needed.

While writing your resume, it is essential to add powerful words so you have a better chance of looking like a winner to those who are hiring. Adding the words above will make you look better than ever.


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