Resume Recent College Graduate


How to Write a Resume as a Recent College Graduate

Graduating from college will men having to look for a job, and it is important to ensure you have done everything to increase your chances of getting employment by impressing employers. Many employers have a lot of different options to choose from, and standing out from the rest can be very helpful. You will not have a lot of time to impress the interviewers because of the time constraints, but you can use the little time you have their attention to improve your chances. The good thing is there is a lot you can do to achieve this. Writing a great resume is key.

Having a good resume will be a great thing, but many people don’t take the time to create a great resume. Catching the attention of the recruiter should be your top priority, whether you have experience or not.

You should not make your professional summary to be fluffy. It can sometimes be tempting to throw around words such as ‘motivated’ and ‘proactive’, but the recruiters know that these words are fluff and won’t be impressed by them.

You should also include your GPA in an entry-level resume provided it is above a 3.0. If the GPA of your majors is higher than the overall GPA, then you should use it instead. You should also keep in mind that the recruiters might ask you about your GPA in the interview.

Your resume is a prime real estate and you should not be wasting it on information that will do little or nothing to help you get the job. Since you are starting out, you don’t have to include references. Just add “References available upon request”. This means the employers will get the references when they request it.

Writing a good resume means having a resume that is presentable and able to list your strengths and accomplishment.


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